Patch 47



Mana nodes are no longer required for mana.

Your max mana is now 68 + Mysticism. Veterans may remember 68 as the amount 5 mysticism PFs had, and 128 as the amount max myst mages had. So now the system simply scales from 68 to 128, respecting 60 myst races as the new ‘natural max’.

All new chars have 68 mana and will expand that as they build. You unlock Mysticism mana with experience. As you gain toughers, you will also gain mana.

Why did we do this? Well, we’re trying it out. Modern gamers just hate the mana node mechanic at this point. This change is also intended to tone down the absurd amounts of mana characters were reaching on the top end without nerfing low Myst chars or new players.

Circlets and so on still work, nothing else has changed.


Experience was previously capped based on your own base max health. It isn’t anymore. Now you can kill much higher level monsters to gain large chunks of experience. Also, the super experience bug with passive quests has been fixed.


A number of lingering training points bugs have been fixed by a rework of how they’re rewarded. (Accumulated Wisdom from kills works properly now too)


If you and some friends build together, you will split TP rewards. If you didn’t deal any damage or dealt way too little, you might get 0 TP. Huge groups will also waste TP, since the monster dies so fast you don’t have a chance to learn anything.

Remember, you can still only earn TP on monsters that give you a challenge. You can’t just go slaughter baby spiders while fully built.

Now, the base training points earned for a kill are:

1 + monster_level/50

A mob of level 20 gives 1 TP.

A mob of level 50 gives 2 TP.

A mob of level 100 gives 3 TP.

A mob of level 150 gives 4 TP.

A mob of level 200 gives 5 TP.

And then if you’re in the Survival Arena you get an additional base TP per 8 rounds. For example, a level 200 mob killed in round 80 would give 15 TP base. Bosses in the Surival Arena and in the game world itself may also give dramatic base XP and TP boosts based on how tough they are. General rule, the longer a boss takes, the more it gives (not necessarily just how difficult).

MAX HEALTH BONUS: Ok, we have our base TP. Now, triple that if you are at max health.

CHAMPION BONUS: Then, multiply that result by the Champion Reward Multiplier, which is 3 for swift, deadly, and tough, 10 for indombitable, and 100 for legendary.

Examples: A level 130 mob killed in Brax while you are 120 HP will give 3 TP. A swift level 130 mob killed in Brax while you are 120 HP will give 9 TP. The Ghost of Far’nohl has 5 bonus TP (not too high since he is rapidly killable). If you’re max health, you’ll get 30 TP. If the Ghost is swift/tough/deadly, 90 TP. A level 200 indomitable mob killed in round 80 of Survival Arena while you are at max health might give 450 TP. A legendary level 150 mob in the real game world killed while you are max health might give 1200 TP.


First reminder:

ALL MONSTERS NOW SPLIT TRAINING POINT REWARDS PROPORTIONALLY BASED ON DAMAGE YOU DEAL! If you and two friends fight a boss, you do 50% damage, a friend does 30% damage, and a friend does 20% damage, you will receive those splits. Boss base TP bonuses are based on how long it takes to kill the boss, how accessible they are, and how many players will probably split the rewards. Something like the Fire Prism boss is 6k base because it’s very hard to access, is only killable like once a week, and takes 3+ players. If you see an absurdly high TP value for a boss you haven’t met yet, take it as a fair warning.

If you don’t damage a normal monster for sixty seconds or a boss for 5 minutes, you will be dropped from TP sharing consideration.

As a reminder, many bosses have already been upgraded in difficulty. This ain’t ya grandpappy’s Lupogg King.

These are base values, which will often be subject to tripling by the base max health bonus.

Boss Base TP values:

Liutenant Golems – 1 extra

Orc Pit Boss – 2 extra

Queen Spider – 3

Ghost – 5

Dark Angel – 50

Lupogg King – 500

Lava Frog – 1000

Vix’Si’Xeochicatl – 1000

Vix’Ci’Xeochicatl – 2000

Vix’Ma’Xeochicatl – 3000

Vix’Ve’Xeochicatl – 4000

Vix’Ro’Xeochicatl – 5000

Vix’Zi’Xeochicatl – 6000

The Minotaur – ?

Ice Dragon – 15,000

Five of the High Sorcerers – 20,000

Qua Kornedrin, High Sorcerer of Fire – 50,000

Queen Venya’Cyr – 1,000,000 (killing the upgraded lich is a ‘dozens of players’ kind of challenge…)

INTERESTING NOTE The Desert and Maze boost the difficulty of all phase monsters during their respective phase if the Prism is undefeated. These levels count the same way as Survival rounds. That boost equates to roughly 30 survival rounds at current settings, so +3 base TP. (30/8 truncated) This doesn’t apply to monsters inside Prisms themselves. (so Xeos in the Prism of Fire, for example, are actually weaker). This has always secretly been the case, it’s not new.

Some items gained increased hex effectiveness. These increase the effect of the witchery curses you cast similar to the way spellpower does for mainland schools.

The skull masks dropped by the Raumlar nomad tribe have 9 inc hex effect.
Daggers give 11 inc hex effect due to their common use in rituals.
Gloves, the rare caster item from nomad chests, have a random 11 or 22 inc hex effect roll.
Orc Shields give 33 inc hex effect.
Some items gained hex resistance. This stat cuts hex effect on you. Hex resistance directly subtracts from hex effectiveness. A standard witch might cast a curse up to 100 effect. A Xaerdun witch might cast as high as 130+ effect. In all cases, the effectiveness will be directly reduced by your hex resistance. (subtracted)

The skull masks dropped by the Raumlar nomad tribe have 3 hex resistance.
Spiritual Shields have up to 11 hex resistance based on karma and creation power.
Nomad shields have 22 hex resistance.
Orc Shields have 33 hex resistance.
Nerudite Armor has 33 hex resistance.
As a reminder, the Ventdal 6 skill Hermitage offers up to 65ish hex resistance. The Iwodach 2 skill Arcane Knowledge offers up to 35ish.

From gear and skill options alone, you can achieve some pretty significant hex effect or resistance. Hexes and Witchery are neutral, but have more in common with Qor’s dark magics. Thus the Orc Shield is the singular best hex effect and resist item, but spiritual shields still have some resistance. There’s also a song now, too.

There’s a new Jala song sold by Lucius at Waylay Oasis.

Arid Aria is a short-range song that boosts the power of hexes listeners cast while also providing hex resistance to those listeners.
This has the overall effect of giving you up to 33 hex resistance from enemy curses while boosting hexes you cast by 33 – but if the opponent gets up close, he’ll get the effects too, nullifying all song bonuses on both of you. (+33 + -33 = 0) This was a song used in the great open spaces of the desert; it’ll be much tougher to use in cramped fighting quarters. Arid Aria also has the opposite effect of its fellow Hinder songs – it drastically reduces fizzle rates of Witchery spells. Arid Aria’s range goes up from 5 to 10 based on spellpower, making it harder to isolate your effects from the enemy the stronger your song is.

“First performed by refugees from the destruction of the Temple of Jala when they fled to the land of Biskalane, this song’s notes carry the haunting open echoes of the desert. It was this melody that guided the nomads of the Ventdal tribe over the dunes to meet the Jala refugees, and the compassionate pact made on that day still holds power. Listeners will find they are both protected from hexes and more adept at casting them. ”

“A ruby and a shock fragment are required to begin performing this song.”

Xeochicatl can no longer resist Witchery hexes the way they resist other magics.
The witches have had centuries to fine-tune their spells to work on the primary danger in Biskalane. However, Xeochicatl are still exotic lifeforms and have some innate effect reduction for hexes. (-30 effectiveness)


Dement and Denial are no longer classified as illusions. These are definitely mind magic, not illusions. As a result, Dispel Illusion no longer removes either.

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