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Knightcraft is a school based on noble virtues and the finer arts of combat. Knightcraft experts know how to better control blocking, parrying, stunning, knocking back, and shield bashing. They can also wear armor more effectively.

Developer’s note: Knightcraft is an experimental school we’ll be watching closely and updating constantly. All skills are currently sold by Cylill.

Read the descriptions of the skills when you buy them – they’re very explanatory, far beyond what’s shown here in this simple summary.

KNIGHTCRAFT LEVEL ONE Honesty: Innate illusion resistance, but the knight also deals less illusion damage.

Shield Wall: Hold a shield wall. Players may not pass you on the sides, and you attempt to actively block incoming frontal attacks. Meridian’s first ‘hold a passageway’ skill, among other very useful tactics.

Medium Armor: Reduces the defense penalty of wearing scale armor.

KNIGHTCRAFT LEVEL TWO Bravery: If you hit a monster that is attacking or chasing someone else, it will tend to turn and attack you instead.

Rapid Assault: Stance that allows attacking twice as fast for reduced damage. Critical hit and proc rates are unchanged (we’ll be watching this).

Battle Shout: Knockback all enemies around you with a tremendous shout.

KNIGHTCRAFT LEVEL THREE Fortitude: Vigor regenerates up to resting max at a slower rate while not resting.

Heavy Armor: Reduces the defense penalty of wearing Plate and Nerudite armors.

Forceful Impacts: Stance that doubles attack damage and doubles crit rate at the cost of attacking three times more slowly (at 99%).

KNIGHTCRAFT LEVEL FOUR Determination: Reduces damage taken from all attacks and spells by up to 3. Doesn’t reduce secondary effects like burning. Weak attacks like those from giant rats can often do no damage to a knight at all.

Counterattack: Reactive stance that knockbacks and stuns an enemy that attacks you from the front. Stance drops after successfully counterattacking, allowing you to press the advantage.

Shield Bash: Stun a close enemy with your shield.

KNIGHTCRAFT LEVEL FIVE Piety: Purge resistance. Double effect vs monsters. This is the only Mysticism based skill in Knightcraft – at very high Myst, you can be completely purge immune versus monsters.

Valiant Charge: You charge forward, knocking back and stunning enemies along your path.

KNIGHTCRAFT LEVEL SIX Zealous Fervor: You gain up to 20 maximum health based on %. When you are low on health, you make a last stand roar that heals you somewhat, clears debuffs, and knocks back enemies around you.

CRITICAL HITS All attacks now have a chance to critical hit. However, they don’t do more damage. Instead, they apply the weapon equivalent of elemental status effects: knockbacks, stuns, bleeds.

High Aim characters have a greater chance to land critical hits with attacks. 2 points = 1% more chance. 100 Aim = 50% greater critical hit rate. (so example a 10% crit weapon would crit 15% of the time).

Developer’s note: We’ll be watching this stat. It double synergizes, in that you will hit more often AND have a higher crit rate.

RIIJA SWORD Riija Sword has a 3.5% crit rate, which is very bad, but for some reason it stuns, knocks back, and bleeds all at once…

ARMORS Plate Armor and Nerudite Armor both grant a large amount of knockback resistance. No stun or bleed resistance. Scale Armor resists a moderate amount of knockback, stun, and bleed. Chain Armor moderately resists bleed. Leather Armor strongly resists bleeds. Robes lightly resist bleeds.

SHIELDS Knight’s Shield grants a large amount of knockback resistance. Herald Shields grants some knockback resistance. Gold Round Shield grants a small amount of knockback resistance.

HELMS Helmet grants some stun resistance.

DAGGERS Are now part of the magic weapon loot table and can drop with procs and other magical enchantments

RACE MASSES All players and monsters have now gained an inherent mass attribute. Half Undines are base mass 100. Half Demons are base mass 150. Half Elves are base mass 175. Drow are bass mass 175. Humans are base mass 200. Half Orcs are base mass 250. Draconians are base mass 300.

SO WHAT DOES MASS DO? Mass plays into the ‘power’ of knockbacks, stuns, and bleeds. If the attacker is equal mass to the defender, the applied effect will be fairly standard. (5 units, aka bof range + 1) The effect gets stronger if the attacker has higher mass, and weaker if the attacker has lower mass. For example, an Undine (100 mass) is going to have a very hard time knocking back a Xeo (600 mass). But a Draconian (300 mass) will do a bit better against that xeo. You don’t really need to see these values or know what they are, just play with it and you’ll get the sense that the larger the monster, the heavier they are. And for players: demons, elves, and undines are ‘lighter’ and half orcs and draconians are ‘heavier’. Stay out of range of Draconian pure fighters, for example. Don’t let them hit you. They will mess you up. On the extreme end, something with 4000 mass, like an Ice Dragon, is going to slam you across the entire arena with a knockback.


New Level 2 Banditry skill – Bleed mastery, increases duration of bleeds you inflict

New Level 4 Banditry skill – Blade mastery, increased base crit chance of daggers by up to 5% from skill and up to another 5% from stat at 100 Aim Both sold by Kerrenor.

The banditry stance Swift Hands had its defense penalty removed. Now it just boosts offense by ~35%. The banditry stance Heavy Arms had its offense penalty removed. Now it just boosts defense by ~35%. After observing how players actually use stances, the cost of only being able to use one stance at a time seems large enough that these stances weren’t being used. It turns out, not being able to use other stances like Cleave or Focused Mind is a penalty all its own.

Focused Mind (+HP regen -Mana regen) and Reckless Heart (up to 20% more damage taken and received) keep their penalties for now.

TRAINING STATS TRAINING WITH MASTERS When you have free stat points (for any reason), you can now train with NPCs to directly apply them. Go to these NPCs and look at their bios for further instructions.

Rook – Might Alzahakar – Intelligence Drechx – Stamina Cylill – Agility Esseldi – Mysticism Kochtal ko’Tulca – Aim (the blind bow seller on the island)


TRAINING POINTS The training points cap has been raised to 320,000, which is the max amount you can get from reincarnation.

ACCUMULATED WISDOM Your wisdom is now visible in the very bottom of your stat bar tab. It replaces Unbound Energy, which nobody was looking at now that it’s shown in your mana bar.

NEW RACE: DROW NEW RACE The Drow, or Dark Elves, are a mysterious race. Like the Fey Dirhai, the Dark Elves are the twisted creations of Qor, made from corrupted sylvan entities such as fairies and dryads fused with human souls. However, the Drow had wills of their own, and immediately betrayed Qor to set up their own society hidden away from civilization. They are incredibly xenophobic, and their crippled souls can never channel holy energies. They can learn and cast Shal’ille spells with her grace, but holy touch and holy enchanted weapons will deal no damage in their hands. They have dark purple skin tinted by their overflowing unholy energies.

Due to the acidic processes that originally melded their ancestors together from various living beings, they are very weak to acid. However, their natural proclivity for sneaking around in caves with knives the last few centuries have hardened them against cold and piercing. They also have good eyesight equal to that of an Undine due to living deep in the caves.

Drow focused on stealth and intellect during their time underground. They are among the most cunning fighters in existence, with a maximum of 70 intellect. However, their crippled souls keep their Mysticism no higher than 10.

They rest to a vigor similar to humans, but eat slightly less due to scarcity of food underground.

15% increased unholy damage Cannot deal holy damage under any circumstances

Drow base resistances: 10% resist cold 10% resist pierce -25% vulnerability to acid

Drow are found in a room in the maze called Antechamber of Eternity, the same place Draconians are found.

REINCARNATE SAME You may now say ‘I wish to reincarnate as my current race.’ in the Hall of Genealogy to reincarnate as the race you currently are, even if it’s a veteran race from the maze.


Jala songs now only override area music in no combat zones. After watching player livestreams, it became apparent that if Jala songs override music in combat areas, then players will only ever hear Restorate for the rest of their days.

Area spells have had some text reporting changes. Specifically, earthquake, mana bomb, and flash no longer spam safety messages. This is because they were basically used more for *not* being cast – and in not casting it, players get a report of all players nearby. This was an extremely powerful and silent way to detect players, and will no longer work. This doesn’t change guild hall functions, since everyone is attackable in guild halls already.

Vampiric Drain gets a health conversion boost if the victim is bleeding. (see NEW PHYSICAL MECHANICS) Specifically, Vampiric Drain gives you half of the damage done normally, but will give all of the damage done if the victim is bleeding. The spell description has been updated to reflect this.

Vampiric proc on weapons now doesn’t fire unless the victim is bleeding. (see NEW PHYSICAL MECHANICS) This one was really really strong with Cleave, and since the proc doesn’t require neg karma anymore, it was getting out of hand. Now it must be combined with some sort of bleed application. You can no longer just run into 20 mobs, cleave, and heal yourself a half dozen times per swing. The description of the affix on weapons has been updated to reflect this. The proc will also give a message when it fails to fire. This has the appropriate side effect of making this proc never work against mobs that can’t bleed, such as skeletons.


KNOCKBACK All knockbacks send the victim some number of squares away from the attacker. Some monsters can knockback with uncommon special attacks. Nerudite bows have a high chance to knockback. (8%) There’s also a Banditry skill that increases this rate. Hammers and Spirit hammers can also knockback. Hammers have a moderate crit rate. (5%) Spirit Hammers have a very high crit rate. (10%)

Knockback is resisted by your mass and certain armor choices. More on that under the ARMORS section. High Might characters (including Super Strength etc) can knock back others a greater distance. 2 points = 1% increase. 100 Might = 50% increased knockback power.

Certain skills employed by players will always knockback. More on that in the SKILLS section. Why would you want to knockback? Well, it’s a form of area denial for weapon-using players. Keep dangerous monsters away, prevent an enemy getting inside, or knock someone into a web – it’s up to you! Knockbacks also provide a great opportunity to run away from enemies.

Knockback’s best synergy is with Hammer’s mastery leap skill. Knockback an enemy and control the flow of battle – you’ve got a short window where you can leap attack them and gain the initiative while you are out of their range.

BLEED Some monsters can cause you to bleed with uncommon special attacks. Most bows, fencing weapons, Scimitars, and Axes can cause bleeds. For comparison in these rates, hold procs go off 15% of the time. So use the ‘feel’ of that as you think about these: Longbows have an extremely low crit rate (2%). Axes have a very low crit rate. (2%) Scimitars have a low crit rate. (4%) Fencing weapons have a high crit rate. (6% to 8%, gold sword 9% in arena) Short swords have a very high crit rate. (10%) Therefore a 100 Aim character could apply bleeds with a Short Sword equal to the rate a hold proc goes off. (15%) Daggers have a base crit rate of 5%, but Banditry also now has Blademastery skill (increased chance to crit with daggers) and Bleed mastery (inc duration). Bleeds are always 1 point of damage per tick. Bleed danger varies with bleed duration and bleed stacks. So for example, a very powerful bleed does 1 damage a tick for a minute. A weak one does 1 damage a tick for a few seconds. Monsters that savagely apply bleeds might stack 3+ on you. Be careful. Bleeds can’t kill you, and they won’t disrupt focus. Draconians have a 10% chance to cause an enemy to bleed with unarmed attacks due to their claws.

Hospice and Major Heal remove bleeding on a target.

High Agility characters reduce bleeding because of better control over how they are hit. 2 points = 1% resistance. 100 Agility = 50% reduced bleed duration on


Stuns prevent fighting back for a brief time (standard stun is 1 second, the time of one swing). You can still move and see. You are not blinded and held. But your vision will go ‘drunk’. Some monsters can stun with uncommon special attacks. Some spells can stun. Battle bows, specifically, can stun. Crit rate is very low. (2%) Magic bows both stun and bleed (2%). Maces can also stun. Their crit rate is moderate. (5%)

Stun is resisted by your mass and by your Stamina stat. High Stamina characters get stunned for less time. 2 points = 1% resistance. 100 Stamina = 50% reduced stuns on you.

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